Osaka Japan



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1998 ad for Jason's first Japan engagement

The following is a brief biography and description of Jason�s act.


Jason poses for a shot next to a billboard outside the theater 1998


Jason outside the theater.

Jason 2000/01 outside the theater again with on of the billboards. Look closely at the bottom left corner, and you can see Jason's picture.


Jason in a backstage prep area.


"So this is what the audience sees!"

Jason sitting with Michele in the plush NGK Theater in Osaka Japan.


Here are a few helpers from the 1998 tour. Notice the bucket?



2000-2001 New helpers, same bucket!


Michele, Amelie, and Romina

Michele and Amelie perform an outstanding hand-balnce act. Seen here with their daughter. They worked together with Jason.


Noriko and Romina say, "hi" to one of the stars of the show.

Noriko was our main contact at the theater. She is a hard worker, and very helpful. We miss her.


Lucky number seven...

Elizabeth, Jason, Amelie and Romina


We're too sexy for these shades!


We will catch you!



Michele and Amelie are amazing


Black Rain.

If you have seen the movie "Black Rain" you may have seen this actor. In the movie, he was in the Japanese Mafia.


Osaka is great to see at night!


It is as bright as Las Vegas!


Elizabeth and Jason at Osaka Castle.


Time capsule.


Abeautiful shot at dusk.


And again.


Japanese Magician Johnny Hirosea, looking very mysterious...


The streets are busy even at night.



We always found time for parties with friends.


Just like home!

Well, almost.


This was our farewell dinner :o(

It was sad, but so much fun!


We received big bouquets of flowers after our last show.


Mamma Chika

She was a wonderful lady. She was the "Guest House" Mamma. Mamma took very good care of us. Thanks Mamma. We miss you!


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Crystal Visions

Jason is about to transform this little bunny into a beautiful assistant. Don't blink!


The bunny has turned into one of Jason's beautiful, magical, assistants. WOW!


Fly with me!

Jason has an audience member feeling a little light in the head. Look mom, I am floating!



Jason striking a pose, to a well deserved applause(Vogue)...


C Thru U a puzzling, cutting edge, illusion.

One of Jason's beautiful assistents sits in small box.


Once the doors are closed, there is no turning back for her. Jason is looking through a cylindrical tube. He is about to impale the top section of the box with it.


The tube is in


Jason is reaching through to show the absence of anthing tricky.


A second tube is slid in from the side. This time through the bottom section of the box. (I wonder if that hurts?)


You want more?

As if the tubes and a blade are not enough, Jason then removes the bottom of the box. The audience can now see through the tubes, AND the vacant space where the assistan's body was. Is she invisible?


Jason revolves the illusion to show all sides, and angles, where did she go? Is she OK?


I can see through you!

Jason is behind the box looking through the tubes as the audience.



When everything is returned back to normal, the assistant reappears unharmed!


A rose for me?

With a wave of his hand, Jason makes a beautiful rose appear. Awww...


The fastest illusion in the world!


In you go!


Handcuffed and tied in a sack.






Jason manages to find himself in her place.


Um... I hope you have the keys?


Is that the key in your hand?


Thank you, and good night!


Jason appearing behind the audience.

In a flash of fire Jason vanishes from stage and surprises the entire audience when he is behind them.


A split second after the fire


The smoke is still rising.


Jason making his way back to the stage. Wow what a show!


Thank you and good night.

Jason has left the building!


Jason and a young volunteerr...

We use lots of audience participation in our shows.


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